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I'm a Body Control Pilates Teacher®  based in Central Winchester.

I live by and love Pilates; I've seen first hand how it can Improve posture, whole body strength, joint mobility and muscle tone. It's  a safe, precise, and functional method for moving both on the mat and off it in everyday life.


I specialise in classes and 1:1's for

  • Ante and Postnatal Pilates

  • Beginner, Mixed Ability & Intermediate Pilates

  • Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoperosis and Osteopenia specifically).

  • Pilates for Golfers

I love using small equipment to jazz up the fun - balls, bands, foam rollers, sissels and am known for some other non conventional props to help you master your moves.

Please note:

I  am currently expecting my third child in November 2019 and will be taking maternity leave from mid October 2019 until September 2020. Mixed Ability classes on Wednesday and Thursday mornings (currently full) will continue under the care of fellow Body Control Pilates Teacher Bobbie Swanson who can be contacted by email: bobbieswanson@yahoo.co.uk


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