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Mat classes in Winchester

Pilates classes   
Fulflood & Hyde

Classes are booked on a block basis and run in line with state school term holidays. The average length of a block is 6 weeks, £60. Classes work out to be £10 per session,

Monday      6 to 6:50pm               Gentle Pilates

                   7pm to 7:50pm          Improver/Intermediate

                   8:00pm to 8:50 pm     Improver/Intermediate

                   St Paul's Parish Hall,

                   St Pauls Hill, Winchester, SO22 5A

Wednesday     9:30 am to 10:30 am     Improver/Intermediate


                    The Winchester Club (Highfield Lodge, Worthy Lane)


Thursday       9:30am to 10:30am Improver/Intermediate                    


                    11th Winchester Scout Hut, (Opposite the Roebuck)

                     Stockbridge Road, Winchester, SO22 6RH




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