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Introductory One to Ones

Best practice in (Body Control) Pilates ® suggests that before joining any mat class, a thorough client assessment is undertaken. This, together with taking rigorous medical history, setting goals and understanding motivations, gives me, the teacher, the opportunity to see the following:


  • your posture - how you stand, how you carry yourself

  • how you move, are you hypo or hyper mobile for example? I'll teach you some exercises in a range of positions and we'll see how your body responds

  • joints - your normal range of motion

  • your existing breathing patterns

we'll also cover:

  • What Pilates is - the fundamental basics and principles of good movement  and the basics

  • How you should stand correctly

  • Finding your neutral (neutral spine and neutral pelvis -fundamental to Pilates). We want to strengthen your body from the best possible starting position.

  • Breathing - how we breathe/when we breathe/why we breathe!

  • Centring - using a variety of different starting positions

  • Challenging your core stability

  • Scapular (shoulder blade control)

  • Sequential flowing movements

Fee: £60, 1 hr (one off fee)

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