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All exercises are conducted on/around the mat, with 'equipment' (foam rollers, rubber bands etc, sometimes being employed). 

I ensure  that all joints receive some form of attention in each class  - after all, if we're used to moving it, we're less likely to risk losing [the ability to move] it. I always ensure that we challenge movement in all directions - flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion etc.


Some examples of exercises include:

  • Spine Curls (flexion of the spine) - great if you're used to sitting all day

  • Cat (flexion and articulation of the spine)  - challenges us in a 4 point kneeling position, lovely for the spine to get movement between the vertebrae.

  • Squats: mobilises hips, knees and ankles - excellent practice for getting up and down from comfy chairs

  • Dart (extension of thoracic) - helps to combat slumped posture

  • Bow and Arrow (Rotation of thoracic - (great for drivers checking their blind spot)

In every class, we'll work through a gentle preparation phase, into the more challenging 'main phase' and finally the closing phase. With every exercise, I will be give you simple instructions to follow - this helps to re-programme the mind/body connection and  hopefully has a more profound impact than simply copying without thought. I will name the exercise, describe where we are working (and why) and talk you through the breathing patterns and range of movement - what moves/what shouldn't.


Before you begin to move, I'll always ensure you are starting from the best neutral position - failure to do so lessens the impact of the exercise. I get hands on, making what may seem to be tiny adjustments. I  believe that this is where change can happen and effectively, this is why you need me, a teacher, not a DVD.  After all, you can't see how your body is moving, how it might be helping you to cheat, or compensating somewhere else. As a Body Control Pilates ® Teacher, this is drilled into me - I'm trained to see this and to help you make the most out of each and every exercise you perform. This is why Body Control Pilates ®  teachers don't do the exercises with you - how would we ever be able to see how you're body is moving? I will however, always demonstrate new exercises to you. Don't be surprised if there are some movements which I struggle to do myself.

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