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What to bring/ what to wear...

Whatever your style is, the most important thing is to be comfortable and be able to move freely on (and off) the mat. Sadly tight jeans or mini skirts won't quite fit the bill.


Here are a few tips to bear in mind which I hope might help us both...

  • Please bring a mask, a mat and a small head cushion or rolled up towel.  If coming to class you'll need a bag to pop your belongings into too.

  • Lightweight Leggings and 'as-snug-as-you-feel-comfortable' fitting clothes are great so I can see the way your body moves. If you wear baggy tops, its sometimes is hard to see how your spine articulates.

  • Ideally, no stripes please. Again, they play an optical illusion game which makes assessing your alignment a little trickier

  • Avoid hoodies, they impact neck alignment

  • Ladies - for extra comfort, avoid bra's with the clasp at the back (sometimes we press into this area during spine curls and other exercises).

  • Gents - sometimes we use band to work on the legs, trousers might be more comfortable than shorts on those days!

  • I've recently discovered Pilates socks and am hooked - their grip makes life easier both on and off the mat. Many people are also bear footed -  it'c completely up to you (we don't wear trainers)

There is certainly no need (or excuse) to go out and buy a new outfit, (however Primark has a great, very cost effective range), the above are certainly not a pre-requisite, just some advice from someone who has learned the hard way! 

Sweaty Bety fan Winchester
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