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This gives us the chance to have a chat - we can see if Pilates is right for you, your current situation, any relevant medical history/concerns, and what you're hoping to achieve. We can also briefly discuss group lessons, or whether one to ones might be preferred, as well as any associated costs.  Click here to find out how to get in touch.

Client Enrolment: Beginner classes or Introductory One to One

Introductory one to ones gives you the chance to get some focused attention, specifically about your body and how you move. We'll discuss any injuries, history of sports, and any other relevant factors - caesarean births for example. You'll get a great feel for the fundamental and core principles of Pilates I'll get to see how you move. To find out more about this session, click here

Anyone wishing to join the Beginners classes will not require an introductory One to One, since the principles and fundamentals will be taught in much greater detail.

Please note that everyone is required to fill in a Client Enrolment Form before starting their first class. Simply click this link. A COVID Questionnaire will also be requested.

What's best for you?

After we've assessed your individual needs, identified your goals and agreed a plan of action together, you are welcome to join a group class, or we can continue with private sessions for as long as you wish... 

Group classes have 12 clients, maximum, so there will be plenty of opportunity to still get lots of hands on attention and is a more economical way of doing it.

Let's keep talking...

I'll constantly be 'adjusting' you throughout class - its not criticism, its simply constructive. Even the most experienced pilates student requires frequent corrections and tweaking.

We'll also constantly assess where you are in terms of your goals - how you feel you are getting on and how I feel you are progressing. You may not be able to see the changes that my trained eye can.

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